Ready pattern for women's leather shoulder bag (laser cutting file + guide + Corel file) - Code 1013

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Bag size:

Height 20-length 27-thickness 7 cm
Required leather:
91 x 46 cm
Your downloaded files:
File for laser cutting, description of the parts that each belong to where in the bag.
Required accessories:

thread, one screw button (or one four fabric button), 2 rectangular metal rings (2 cm long) for the bag handle

2 buckles (for 2 cm leather),

Note: All the holes and cuts are used in this pattern and you don't need to make holes or cuts again.

Description of the downloaded product:

1** The laser pattern of the leather bag is in CDR format. which are completely editable.
2** The image of the leather bag sewing tutorial and the guide for installing the parts of this pattern on each other.

after sales service
Dear friend who has purchased the laser cutting design of the leather bag:
In case of any problems or questions related to this template, you can contact via mobile phone 09186710983.
If you don't trust online shopping or if you encounter a problem with the Internet or any other problem, call the above number and arrange to deposit the sample amount by card and receive it through social networks or email.

** Earning through sewing leather bags
After sewing this bag, you can put it for sale on the Buy Sell site without paying any commission or fee. Or give it as a gift to your loved ones.
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