Usually, the activities that the teacher carries out with the intention of facilitating learning in the learners alone or with the help of educational materials are called teaching, whether this teacher is in primary school or in high school or in university or in a short internship period or even by New tools such as website and video and audio are used for training.

So, according to the definition, education is said to be the activities that are planned by the teacher or teacher with the aim of making learning easier and flows between the teacher and one or more learners in the form of a mutual action.

What is a file or educational content?

A file or educational content is a collection of videos, audio, photos, and text that is provided to users either as a website and internet content or as CDs and DVDs. This content is supposed to teach a lesson or scientific topic to its audience. This content increases the amount of awareness and understanding and the level of literacy of the person and the user regarding the displayed topic.

Nowadays, the production of educational content has become one of the most important and fundamental activities of professors, teachers, universities and scientific centers. There are many teams around the world that produce educational content in a governmental way or by using corporate and even personal budgets to improve people's knowledge level.

Why is educational content important?

Every educational content is produced with the aim of improving the level of knowledge and information of people. For this reason, educational content is produced and presented for people to learn. This type of content should be useful for users. Educational contents should be produced based on the level of users' needs and should be tailored to their needs. The materials presented in the educational content should be prepared and produced based on the current standards of the world and should be up to date.

The importance of educational content

  One of the most important parts of content creation is to engage people in learning. The more people play an active role during learning, the better the produced content will perform. As a result, the provided educational content plays a more effective role.

The importance of educational content is that learning is accompanied by understanding. By using this process, users can communicate with the provided contents and use them better. In this situation, it is necessary to avoid providing long and boring content in educational content, because it causes the lack of attention of users.

Creating curriculum content

The production of educational content should be well maintained in educational activities in organizations, educational centers, scientific sites, and other departments. Also, you produce educational content once, but many users can use it at the moment and benefit from its content. Creating educational content about working with a specific software can easily solve the problem of a large number of employees of an office or organization, even at the level of a province or country.

The production of educational content for students can easily solve the problems of an educational base for several years, and this educational content can be used in all schools of the country for several years and until the content of the books is changed.

Types of educational content

Today, various types of educational content are available to users. You can use all kinds of text, photos, videos and podcasts to teach a topic to your users and audience. In general, educational content can be produced in different types and provided to users.

  The important thing about the production of educational content is that the content will eventually reach the user both online and offline. Online content is like educational classes and users must be connected to the Internet to view them. All kinds of educational sites and videos are included in this content category.

Offline content

Offline content refers to content that users do not need to be online to view and use. All kinds of educational photos and podcasts can be read in this group. Of course, users can also save web pages or download videos from the Internet and watch them later offline.

Educational contents are provided to users in the following types:

- Text :

We can consider textual content as one of the oldest content models that is still used. Textual content is published on websites as articles, writings, and research. Almost all educational content available on the Internet was originally textual content.

- Using the textual content of the sites:

The most important point in the production of textual educational content is that search engines continue to search and receive information based on the words in the texts. As a result, the most important source for finding new educational topics is using the textual content of the sites. It doesn't matter if your site is a school site or an academic site or even just a free education site, your textual content can attract a lot of users to your site.

Of course, the textual content also has flaws. This type of content is generally boring and the user does not connect much with the content; That is, long textual content can even discourage the user from reading further. For this reason, long textual content is usually published along with a large number of photos and videos, so that the variety of educational materials presented is higher and the user is not bored.

- Picture :

Creating educational content using photos has been able to communicate well with users. Today, photos are heavily used for children's educational content
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